Nepal Dialogues is an initiative to promote a culture of dialogue in Nepal by strengthening capacities and resources related to the field.

It is led by Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice. Find more about the Nepal Forum at www.nepalrestorativejustice.org

Nepal Dialogues has two aims:

On the one hand, the website will be an online host for the Dialogue Resource Center, which will also be physically located at the office of the Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice (NFRJ).

On the other hand, the website will also host all news, events and materials related to Nepal Dialogue Collectives which we have been referring to as National Dialogue Forum so far. We would like to request the NFRJ voluntarily act as a secretariat for the Nepal Dialogue Collectives at this stag

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice (NFRJ) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization working in the fields of restorative justice, dialogue, and peacebuilding in Nepal. It began as a loose forum in 2014 and was formally institutionalized in 2017. Since then, it has been involved in establishing restorative justice values and programs in the formal and community systems and furthering the global movement of restorative justice. 

NFRJ’s works include providing workshops on restorative justices, conducting programs for knowledge sharing between stakeholders involved in fields of Dialogue and peacebuilding in Nepal and providing translation services for knowledge products on issues related to justice, Dialogue, and peacebuilding. In the past, NFRJ has successfully organized three international conferences and different workshops on restorative justice. The organization ran Nepal Dialogue initiative in 2019 and has also produced official Nepali translation of the United Nations Handbook of Restorative Justice Programmes (2020), translated Nepali versions of UN Basic Principles of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters (2002).