What makes or breaks National Dialogues?

→ National Dialogues have been used as an instrument to resolve political crises and pave the way for political transitions and sustainable peace. 

→ While most National Dialogues reached an agreement, only half of these agreements were implemented. 

→ When National Dialogues resulted in sustainable transitions, there was generally a favorable consensus among power-holders, in addition to international support and public buy-in. 

→ National Dialogues have often been used by elites as a tool to gain or reclaim political legitimacy, which has limited their potential for transformative change.

→ Procedures for preparing, conducting, and implementing National Dialogues, in particular selection and decision-making rules, play a decisive role in whether processes are perceived as representative and legitimate. 

→ In the short term, National Dialogues have reduced violence by transferring grievances voiced from the street into formalized processes.

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