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The Dialogue Resource Center collects and curates resources related to Dialogue (such as publications, audio-visual materials) from Nepal and other parts of the world. The Resource Center is physically housed at Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice office.

In addition to this physical presence, the center also has a digital presence, as there will be an online catalogue of resources available.

NFRJ already has a collection of resources related to restorative justice and peacebuilding. With the Resource Center, it is expected that it will continue to serve as a resource hub for individuals interested in the fields of Dialogue and peacebuilding at large. It will also collect the details of resource persons who are engaged in facilitating Dialogue and publish the details in the resource centres’ domain. In the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic, NFRJ’s website will have an online repository of materials related to Dialogue which NFRJ will have rights to publish. 

The aim of this Center is to curate materials related to Dialogue which can be easily accessed by the public. Along with collection of resource materials, the Center also produces the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials will be developed on Dialogue. strategic peacebuilding, Dialogue and multi-stakeholder mediation, use of Dialogue, Dialogue values and Dialogue initiatives in Nepal.

The dialogue Resource Center is open to the public and the resources available there are free to us. 

Here is an online catalogue to the Dialogue Resource Center.

Here is a map to the Resource Center.

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