Dialogue News

Nepal Dialogue Collective Meets

September 1, 2021

A meeting of Nepal Dialogue Community was organized virtually on August 31, 2021. It

was jointly organized by GIZ/CPS and The Asia Foundation as a part of collective

efforts to further dialogue programs in Nepal. It was attended by a total of 21

participants representing various organizations in the field of dialogue and allied related

fields of peacebuilding and justice. It was facilitated by Ram Tiwari from Nepal Forum

for Restorative Justice.

The purpose of this meeting was to collate the synergies of actors working on dialogue

in Nepal and to lay foundations for a collective of dialogue community in Nepal. The

meeting also aimed at shedding light on the National Dialogue Forum, an initiative led

by GIZ/CPS and The Asia Foundation in the past, and to discuss ways to make this

Forum more effective in the days to come.